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Product Description

Interfor’s Hemlock is a premium, fine-grained timber from two of our B.C. Interior mills. It meets the very highest standards of stability and strength, making it the first choice for builders around the world. The perfect combination of strength and versatility. Our high-quality Hem-Fir mix from our three mills in the PNW, is well suited for loadbearing and load-carrying requirements of residential, light commercial, and heavy construction.

Product Specifications

Imperial Size (nominal inches)Metric Size (mm)Length (feet)Pack Size / ExportGrades
Dimension2 x 438 x 898-20294 / 2401800F MSR#1 & Btr.High Quality (HQ)#2 & Btr.#3Economy
2 x 638 x 1408-20189 / 1601800F MSRSelect StructuralHigh Quality (HQ)#2 & Btr.#3Economy
2 x 838 x 1848-20147 / 120-Select StructuralHigh Quality (HQ)#2 & Btr.#3Economy
2 x 1038 x 2358-20105 / 100-Select StructuralHigh Quality (HQ)#2 & Btr.#3Economy
Studs*2 x 438 x 896-10294/392High Quality (HQ)#2 & Btr.STUD#3--
2 x 638 x 1406-10189/252High Quality (HQ)#2 & Btr.STUD#3--
*Precision End Trimmed (PET)