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Product Description

This unique species blend produces high-grade lumber with small, tight knots and high fiber strength, resulting in the perfect lumber for any project. This high-strength/lightweight combination makes SPF lumber an ideal choice for structural framing of all types of residential, commercial, industrial and truss applications. All of Interfor’s 3 B.C. Interior mills produce SPF products.

Product Specifications

Screenshot of the dimension lumber spf spec table
Imperial Size (nominal inches)Metric Size (mm)Length (feet)Pack Size / ExportGrades
Dimension2 x 438 x 898-20294 / 2402100F MSR1650F MSRJ-GradeHigh Quality (HQ)#2 & Btr.#3Economy
2 x 638 x 1408-20189 / 1602100F MSR1650F MSRJ-GradeHigh Quality (HQ)#2 & Btr.#3Economy
2 x 838 x 1848-20147 / 120--J-GradeHigh Quality (HQ)#2 & Btr.#3Economy
2 x 1038 x 2358-20105 / 100--J-GradeHigh Quality (HQ)#2 & Btr.#3Economy
2 x 1238 x 2848-2084 / 80--J-GradeHigh Quality (HQ)#2 & Btr.#3Economy
Studs*2x438 x 899294#2 & Btr.------
2x638 x 1409189#2 & Btr.------
*Precision End Trimmed (PET)