Molalla Division

Molalla, OR United States


Molalla, OR

Located in Molalla, OR, the 66-acre site was acquired in 2005 from Floragon. The Molalla Division produces stud lumber that is shipped by truck and rail to the domestic market.

A new log breakdown and optimization system recently installed at Molalla has increased productivity and improved lumber recovery.

Life in Molalla

Molalla is a blue-collar rural community nestled between two large cities, Portland, and Salem, that encourages family and community support and growth. Baseball and football games, as well as the 4th of July Rodeo, are big draws here. Otherwise, it is a mild, quiet town that wakes up at about 4 AM and is asleep by 10 PM.

Contact Information

Molalla Division | Operations

Tel: (503) 829-9131
Fax: (503) 829-5481

15555 Oregon 211, Molalla, OR, USA

Available Jobs in Molalla

Production Supervisor

April 12, 2022 | Operations

Production Supervisor, Molalla, Oregon

When you join our team as a Production Supervisor, you will be responsible for overall operation and performance of the sawmill or planermill and will work closely with other areas of the business to optimize the production performance of the operation.

Maintenance Supervisor

April 12, 2022 | Operations

Maintenance Supervisor, Molalla, Oregon

When you join our team as a Maintenance Supervisor, you will be a key contributor to the maintenance of the mill equipment and will be responsible for the supervision of the assigned maintenance crew while providing professional service and ensuring a safe working environment.