Ear Falls Division

Ear Falls, ON Canada


Ear Falls, ON

Located in the township of Ear Falls in Northwestern Ontario, the site is 410 km east of Winnipeg, and 1870 km northwest of Toronto. The division was acquired by Interfor in 2022 as part of the EACOM Timber Corporation acquisition.

Life in Ear Falls

Ear Falls is located on the shores of the famous Lac Seul, English River, Wenesaga Lake and Pakwash Lake in rural Northwestern Ontario. Offering a perfect blend of small town living and access to major business centers, it is a spectacular playground for all nature, fishing and hunting enthusiasts.

Contact Information

Ear Falls Division | Operations

Tel: 807-222-1111
Fax: 807-222-1112

Eacom Timber, Ear Falls, ON, Canada

Available Jobs in Ear Falls

Operations Forester

April 28, 2022 | Woodlands & Silviculture

Operations Forester, Ear Falls, Ontario

When you join our team as a Operations Forester, you will work within a professional team to assist in planning operations, upholding safety and environmental standards and be actively involved in stakeholder relations.

What You'll Do

Production Technician

April 28, 2022 | Operations

Production Technician, Ear Falls, Ontario

When you join our team as a Production Technician, you will support the mill to run smoothly by ensuring everything has a place and that the yard and sawmill are clean. Working in a sawmill, you'll discover that they do more than transform forest products, they also transform our communities.

Maintenance Superintendent

April 28, 2022 | Operations

Maintenance Superintendent, Ear Falls, Ontario

When you join our team as a Maintenance Superintendent, you will coordinate all the maintenance work in the sawmill and ensure that the jobs are done in accordance with health and safety practices. You will be responsible for ensuring that all machines are running at full capacity.

Inventory Coordinator

April 28, 2022 | Operations

Inventory Coordinator, Ear Falls, Ontario

The Inventory Coordinator takes responsibility for the materials physical inventory management, monitors and reorganizes the supply chain to improve results on inventory levels, supplier performance, and cost management, with a view to providing products and services at the lowest possible cost.