Sumas, WA United States


Sumas, WA

Located in Sumas, WA, the 4-acre leased site began operations in December 2002 and is a one-line moulder mill producing high-value, finished Cedar Panel products.

The current inbound raw material is 100% Interfor and the Cedarprime Division processes cedar for BC Interior Mills, including Adams Lake and Castlegar. Shipped primarily by truck within the US and Canada and internationally to Asia-Pacific markets.

Life in Sumas

Sumas is located on the Canadian border in Western Washington, and interestingly a surveying error once put Sumas, Washington on B.C. soil. With a 24-hour border crossing, Sumas is only 2 minutes from Abbotsford and less than an hour from Vancouver. This community minded town stages rodeo and other public events such as their Sumas Community Days celebration at the fairgrounds on the south edge of town.

Contact Information

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601c West Front Street, Sumas, WA 98295, USA