Millwright Accelerator Training

This program is for experienced maintenance employees who have demonstrated the ability to perform essential job functions of a Millwright and want to upgrade their skills and career with a lesser time commitment than the Millwright Apprenticeship Program.  For a snapshot of how the program works and the application process, take a look at our Millwright Accelerator Training fact sheet.

The Millwright Accelerator training consists of 3 levels in keeping with the 3 levels of the Millwright Apprenticeship Program. Each level includes: 

  • Five weeks of pre-work consisting of:
    • 1-hour virtual classroom session each week
    • Required reading each week
    • Required assignments each week
  • A 5-day hands-on workshop –
    • The Workshops are held off-site at Interfor’s Center for Trades Excellence in Perry, GA and will take place for 5 full days. Participants are from across Interfor’s US mills. Instruction is provided by the same instructor who teaches the Millwright Apprenticeship Program.
    • An assessment is required at the completion of the workshop. Successful completion of Level 1 Accelerator Training is required to participate in Level 2 Accelerator Training and successful completion of Level 2 Accelerator Training is required to participate in level 3.
    • Travel and meal accommodations are provided, If necessary.
  • A maximum of 12 participants are allowed  for each session.


We are accepting up to 12 participants for each upcoming and future sessions across Interfor’s US mills.

  1. Complete application in Talent Center by the deadline.
  2. Review of work performance.
  3. Interview with local mill leadership.