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Smart Future: A Path Forward for B.C.’s Forest Products Industry

The Council of Forest Industries (COFI) has released a plan—Smart Future: A Path Forward for B.C.’s Forest Products Industry—with 60 policy choices that can be made today to secure a stronger future for B.C.’s forest sector. The 60 choices for a better future are outlined under five major areas:

  1. Invest in, and protect, our working forest land base
  2. Have smart rules that protect the environment and encourage investment
  3. Strengthen participation of Indigenous people and partnerships with communities
  4. Double down on market and product diversification
  5. Be the global hub for expertise in low-carbon, green building

B.C.’s forest industry is in a time of transition. We encourage all British Columbians—and especially those who work in the forest industry—to read this plan. 

2020 Corporate Sustainability Report

Wood is the ultimate natural, renewable and strong building material, and the global demand will only grow. But wood products only have value if we can produce them in ways that generate economic growth, create social benefits and minimize the impact on the environment. It’s a fine balance that we achieve through commitment to collaboration and continuous improvement. To learn more, please read our 2020 Corporate Sustainability Report.


Continuous improvement: We strive for excellence in everything we do.

It’s the core of our approach to business and our never-ending quest. We strive every day to be better at what we do, and actively measure our success against these goals: 

  • Producing quality products on spec, on time, every time so our customers can count on us as their trusted partner.
  • Protecting the environment by adhering to the highest standards in sustainable woodlands and mill management.
  • Creating a work environment that is safe, supportive and enriching so our employees can proudly invest their future with us.
  • Generating attractive returns so shareholders can confidently profit from their investments in us.

UN Environmental Achievement Award
In May 2000, Interfor was one of 12 companies globally to receive the inaugural Millennium Business Award for Environmental Achievement, jointly presented by the United Nations Environmental Program and the International Chamber of Commerce.

Gift to the Earth Award
In 2007, WWF International presented Interfor and four other forestry companies, environmental groups and First Nations with its prestigious Gift to the Earth award to acknowledge the collaborative work that led to the landmark agreements to conserve temperate rainforests in the Central and North Coast of British Columbia.

Interior Watershed Award
In 2002, the BC Ministry of Environment recognized Interfor’s long-standing work with the Adams Lake Indian Band and other interested groups to restore Sinmax Creek habitat for endangered Coho salmon populations.

Conservation Leadership Award
Interfor and the Nanwakolas Council received the Conservation Leadership Award from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc. (SFI®) in 2009 for a partnership to ensure a suitable supply of monumental cedar trees to meet long-term cultural needs on British Columbia’s Pacific Coast.