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From Great Trees

Industrial Shop & Better

Interfor produces a wide range of sizes and grades for use by re-manufacturers and specialty manufacturers including cants, chop stock and low grade. These products are intended to be re-cut for the recovery of components for finished products. These grades are ideal for a large variety of end uses. Western Red Cedar, Douglas-Fir and Hemlock are readily milled to sharp, accurate detail with smooth surfaces and high dimensional stability assuring fine appearance over time. Interfor also offers a Custom Cut service for those customer’s with particularly demanding requirements who can’t meet their requirements from our regular product line.

Interfor’s Western Red Cedar Industrial Shop & Better products include:

For large program buyers, we can meet specific customer needs by matching the appropriate log and sawmill. Contact us for more details.

For smaller buyers, we manufacture a number of common sizes and grades:
Common sizes range from 1”x 4” (25mm x 100mm) through 2”x 5” (50mm x 127mm)
Common grades include D & Btr Clear, B & Btr Moulding, 2 & Btr Shop

Rough Clear – #2 Clear

Interfor produces all Clears from premium fiber sourced in our own sustainably managed forests in British Columbia. #2 Clear is the highest grade of Western Red Cedar product available. In fact, thanks to our consistently high-quality fiber supply, much of our product is clear no-defect, making it the ideal choice for the manufacturer of high-end products.

Ask about sizes.

Rough Clear – KD Clear

Interfor’s Select KD #2 Clear is pre-graded at our Hammond Mill, then sized and graded in our CedarPrime planing facility. It is dried in one of the five kilns under strict controls, and then graded once again. The result of this three-step process is the highest standard #2 Clear product available. Our KD #2 Clear is ideal for a manufacturer wanting a semi-ready product with no falldown for their own custom patterns.

Available in 7/8” x 6” (20.5mm x 148mm) and 7/8” x 8” (20.5mm x 198mm)

We can also kiln dry any of our other grades in sizes up to 2” in thickness. Contact us for more details.

Rough Clear – Select #4 Clear

Interfor’s Select #4 Clear has been specifically designed for manufacturing plants able to produce a quality product from a raw material lower in cost than a #2 Clear. Our Select #4 Clear far exceeds the standard R-List #4 Clear offered by other producers, in part by limiting some of the defects that are not acceptable in the finished product.

Ask about sizes.

Rough Clear – Shop & Short Clear

Rough Clear – Export Shop Grade

Interfor’s 85/15 Export Shop Grade is designed specifically to meet today’s phyto-sanitary requirements and can be trimmed and ripped in your own facility. Because of the high quality of our Select #4 Clear grade and our restrictions excluding bark and wormholes, our Export Shop Grade is well above industry standards.

Ask about sizes.

Rough Clear – Short Clears

Our semi ready-made component lengths are perfect for manufacturers who prefer this option over a shop grade. Available in custom or metric lengths ranging from 8” through 8’ (20cm to 2.4m).