About the Millwright Apprenticeship Program

At Interfor we provide the framework that lets you master your career; advance your knowledge, skills, and performance; earn better wages; and enjoy stable, long-term employment.

What is a Millwright

Millwrights install, maintain, repair and troubleshoot stationary industrial machinery and mechanical equipment in sawmills. Millwrights play a vital role in keeping our mills and equipment running efficiently so we can perform at our highest possible level.

How the program works

The apprenticeship training program is a full-time, three-year program – paid by Interfor – that allows you to learn a new skill while you work. The program has three parts:  online learning, hands-on classroom training, and on-the-job experience gained in the mill.

As an apprentice you will spend your working hours getting paid to learn your new trade. You can expect to spend 10 hours or more studying each week, with some time allotted for study during the workday.

You will travel for classroom training approximately four to five times per year.

Interfor will encourage your success by pairing you with an experienced mentor for ongoing guidance and support.

Upon completion of the program you will earn your Journey Millwright Certificate.

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