Consolidation of Sales & Marketing Offices Improves Our Service for Customers

Bart Bender, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing
May 1, 2017

Today Interfor completes an internal consolidation of two western sales offices that streamlines sales and logistics processes, improves customer service and enhances our platform for future growth.

Our Bellingham, WA and Metrotown (Burnaby, BC) offices are now aligned under one roof – at Metrotown. The new active trading floor is home to Interfor’s Cedar, Export and Western Commodity, Specialty Sales, and Logistics teams.

Our vision was to create a cohesive team that could benefit from the easy flow and sharing of market information on one floor. Having support services such as IT, Human Resources and Finance all based at the same location further supports the team’s success.

Interfor customers also reap the benefits. With export activities consolidated, the collective team has a perspective on overseas markets, meaning we are better positioned to offer global expertise to our customers.