Meeting Special-Length Stud Lumber Demand in Multi-Story Construction

Bart Bender, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing
March 31, 2016

If you are involved in a multi-story wood-frame project that calls for non-standard length studs, Interfor is ready to meet your needs with odd-length precision end trim (PET).

There’s more demand for these non-standard length studs as building codes across North America allow taller wood buildings. These multi-family and non-residential buildings are built from the top down, and by using odd-length stud lumber builders and architects can capitalize on the maximum height allowed.

Our stud mills in Port Angeles and Longview, Washington, and Molalla, Oregon, have the capacity to cut studs to the specific lengths for any large-scale building construction. This saves time and money because the builder does not have to go to a remanufacturer to have the stud cut to size.

The photo to the right shows the Holiday Inn Express in Bellingham, WA. We worked with our customer to manufacture odd-length PET studs for the hotel.

If you want to know more about Interfor’s odd-length PET studs, a good place to start is by contacting a member of our Western Dimension Sales & Marketing Team via email at whitewoodsales [at] (email) or at (360) 788-2200.