Advanced Technology Makes Taller Wood Buildings Possible

Steven Hofer, Senior VP, Sales & Marketing
November 10, 2014

The Wood Innovation and Design Centre, which recently opened at the University of British Columbia (UNBC) in Prince George, is the world’s tallest modern all-wood structure. But if Michael Green has his way, it won’t hold that title for long.

Michael is the award-winning Vancouver architect and wood advocate who designed the Centre. As far as he’s concerned, wood buildings can be 30 stories high, or even more. It’s a message he took a national symposium Toward Taller Wood Buildings in Chicago last week.

And lots of people are listening – including architects, engineers and builders who want to reduce their costs and improve their environmental performance. They’re finding advanced wood technology lets them put up taller wood structures that meet or exceed building code requirements for strength, fire safety and acoustics.

The six-story Wood Innovation and Design Centre is a striking example. It is 90 feet high, meets all code requirements, and only has concrete in its ground floor slab and mechanical penthouse. An eight-minute video shows the innovation and collaboration involved.

Better yet, the Centre will soon be a gathering place for researchers, academics and our future design leaders – students who will be able to build on the vision of leaders like Michael Green.