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The Sky’s the Limit for Wood

Steven Hofer, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing
March 19, 2014

The US government has thrown its support behind building higher with wood.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says one of the world's oldest building materials is now also one of its most advanced. Innovative wood products are changing the face of construction, and USDA wants to find ways to support these advancements.

It will start by investing $1 million to work with WoodWorks to train architects, engineers and builders about the benefits of advanced wood building materials.  It will also invest another $1 million to launch a prize competition to design and build high-rise wood demonstration projects.

All of this reinforces leading research which shows wood is a safe choice for skyscrapers up to 42 stories tall

The sky’s the limit when it comes to building with wood. It is renewable and strong, it captures and stores carbon, and it can improve a building’s energy efficiency. If that’s not enough, it is probably the most versatile building material, and without a doubt the most beautiful.

On Stage with TED

Steven Hofer, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing
March 18, 2014

It doesn’t get much better than this.

The finest BC Hem-Fir and Cedar from our Castlegar and Maple Ridge mills will be featured this week at the TED2014 conference in Vancouver – in the backdrop to a stage designed by award-winning Vancouver architect and wood advocate Michael Green.  

We’ll be showing off the beauty and versatility of our wood to 1,200 of the world’s leading thinkers and doers at the sold-out conference – and potentially reach millions more online. It’s TED’s 30th anniversary, and they’re welcoming speakers like astronaut Chris Hadfield, philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates, and singer and activist Sting.

If that’s not enough, the backdrop – a 16-foot wall of 400 interlinking planter boxes – was created by 24 architectural students. This lets us introduce the potential of BC wood to the next generation of architects. And when the conference ends, the planters will go to Vancouver area schools so students can grow their own gardens.

More Choice, Better Service

Steven Hofer, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing
March 17, 2014

Our acquisition of Tolleson Lumber Company – which closed today – makes us one of the five largest lumber producers in North America, and the largest in Georgia.

That’s great news for customers who rely on Interfor for a stable supply of quality lumber products. The new mills in Perry and Preston increase our production capacity to 2.6 billion board feet – and this includes more than 880 million board feet of some of the best Southern Yellow Pine in the US Southeast.

We’ve come a long way in just three years, adding almost a billion board feet of production and expanding a product line that was already one of the most diverse in the business.

We’ve also strengthened our customer service as a result of the latest acquisition by opening an office in Peachtree City, a suburb of Atlanta, to serve our operations in the US Southeast. With easy access to Atlanta International Airport, it’s a great location to support our continental platform and serve customers around the world.

Wonders of Wood

Steven Hofer, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing
March 12, 2014

Last week, Wood WORKS! BC held its 10th Wood Design Awards ceremony, which recognized leadership and innovation in wood use.

We’ve been a proud supporter of these awards for a long time, and this year Interfor sponsored the jury. The gala is a fantastic way to showcase the amazing strength, beauty and limitless versatility of BC wood products.

Check out this year’s award winners, and you will see what I mean.

The judges described the winning projects as distinctive and elegant – and pointed to their strength, beauty and simplicity. Winners included a stunning townhouse project, a magnificent community hall and health center and an outstanding timber footbridge.

With 113 worthy nominations for the 12 categories, it was easier to sponsor the jury than to pick the winners.

Our congratulations to all the individuals and companies recognized, and special thanks to the jury members – architects Laura Hartman and Wesley Wollin, engineer C.Y. Loh and forest sector executive Rick Jeffery.

Interfor and BMC: Powerful Partners

Rick Fortunaso, General Manager, North American Whitewood
February 17, 2014

CEO Peter Alexander hit the nail on the head when he closed his BMC National Meeting last month by stressing the importance of vendor/partner relationships.

It’s a two-way street. BMC location and areas sales managers who stopped by our booth thanked us for being there. I felt we should be thanking them.

By understanding the needs of our customers, we can deliver value to them. And you don’t often find a thousand key customers at one location – representing 10 states and 14 major markets.

Better yet, I was buoyed by the optimism in the room. Builders spoke of solid growth for the last three years – and told us they expect this year will be even better.

My presentation – Building Value in New Dimensions – shared this view. Markets have improved, lumber supplies are more secure, and there’s wider use of wood products. Demand for lumber has never been stronger.

The powerful Interfor-BMC partnership brings together two organizations determined to deliver the quality products builders need – and get it right every time.