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Interfor’s Product Offerings Grow

Steven Hofer, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing
October 16, 2014

Interfor is proud to announce it will now be marketing Ilim Timber’s European lumber products in North America. This means more choice for our customers.

We already have one of the broadest ranges of lumber products in the world, and Ilim Timber’s European spruce and red pine lumber is a perfect complement to our existing whitewood program.

The first shipment of European spruce and red pine will arrive on the eastern seaboard of the US in the second half of October this year.

Strengthening Our Relationships with Customers

Steven Hofer, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing
September 24, 2014

Once again, Interfor had some great news for international customers attending BC Wood’s 2014 Global Buyers Mission earlier this month.

We continue to grow strategically – we’re now the seventh-largest lumber producer in the world. We’ve expanded our broad range of lumber products, including our new premium Reserve Pine line. This means more supply and more choice.

We were especially honored that many of our customers stayed for the appreciation reception we hosted after the Global Buyers Mission – and some even traveled from as far as Asia specifically to meet with us. This gave us a chance to share our pride in what we have achieved, our excitement about the bright future for our industry and our Company, and our appreciation for their strong support.

We are always looking for ways to connect with customers so we can understand and meet their needs. It is just one of the many ways we are able to meet our customer promise to deliver quality products “on spec, on time, every time”.

Interfor Enters Niche Premium Board Market with Reserve Pine

Steven Hofer, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing
July 15, 2014

Customer response to our new best-in-class Interfor Reserve Pine one-inch boards shows we have a true winner in this premium niche market.

A best-in-class product, these new micro-eased edge boards are supported by the latest in European technology and made from some of the highest quality Pine in North America.

We’ve invested millions of dollars to turn our mill in Gilchrist, Oregon, into a world-class specialty operation with the most advanced finishing system in the world. Its state-of-the-art high-speed moulder provides the accuracy needed for an impeccable finish on both the faces and edges of each board.

Distributors across North America have shown significant interest in Reserve Pine, and we are supporting them with a strong co-branding program. They include Boise Cascade, Forest Products Supply/FP Supply, Midwest Lumber, Neiman Reed Lumber, Parksite Inc., Universal Forest Products and Weyerhaeuser. You can find contact information for these distributors here.

Innovation, quality and choice. That’s the thinking behind Interfor Reserve Pine. It is one more way we are making sure our customers have the perfect lumber product for every project.

Introducing Interfor Corporation

Steven Hofer, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing
May 7, 2014

At our Annual General Meeting this week, shareholders voted to change our Company name to Interfor Corporation from International Forest Products Limited.

Interfor is our Company’s traditional trade name. It is the name and logo we used for recent successful rebranding efforts; and it is consistent with the formal name of our US subsidiaries, which account for more than half of our production.

This is just one more step in our effort to reposition the Company and help us build value in the years ahead.

We’ll continue delivering the same quality products and service our customers have come to expect from us – we’ll just be doing it as Interfor Corporation.

Getting Our Products to Offshore Customers

Steven Hofer, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing
April 30, 2014

When the month-long strike at Port Metro Vancouver ended in March, Interfor was in a unique position to start moving inventory faster and get products to our offshore customers.

That’s because Interfor owns Seaboard International Shipping Company Ltd., which means we were able to use our own break-bulk vessel – the Skaubryn, pictured here at dock in North Vancouver – and also charter the Madame Butterfly to clear the backlog and support our offshore customers

Strong collaboration between our logistics team and our colleagues at Seaboard is just one more way we are working to meet our promise to customers to get them the quality products they want when they want them – regardless of where they are.